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The new ESC comes with a groundbreaking feature called "real car mode," allowing dynamic motor direction changes in real time using the idle channel on the transmitter. The trigger functions as follows:

Pull the trigger for "forward."

Push the trigger for "brake."

Pull the trigger with the "reverse channel" activated for "reverse" (requires an open channel on the receiver). This innovative feature promises a unique driving experience.

Four running modes are available:

Forward with brakes

Forward, reverse with brakes

Forward and reverse

Real car running mode

Real-time adjustment of drag brake force is now possible. Users can adjust the drag brake force on the fly by connecting the Drag Brake Force Signal to an open channel on the receiver, eliminating the need for a separate programmer (requires an open channel on the receiver).

Temperature control has been upgraded, reducing ESC operating temperatures by approximately 15 degrees, enhancing reliability. The ESC is equipped with a fan mount to address additional cooling needs.

The BEC upgrade boasts a maximum output of 6A and offers 6V/7.4V/8.4V output options to support a wide range of servos available on the market.

With 15 programmable items, users can easily tune their vehicle using the LED Programming Box connected to the programming port.

The ESC adheres to the IP67 standard, providing waterproof and dust-proof protection suitable for various weather conditions and driving surfaces. Please note that the IP67 protection level is splash-resistant, water-resistant, and dust-resistant under normal use. It is tested according to the GB/T 4208-2017 (domestic) / IEC 60529 (overseas) standard for IP67 level. While effective, splash, water, and dust resistance may decrease over time, and prolonged soaking should be avoided to prevent damage.

A LED Program Box is supported for easy programming of the WP-Crawler-Brushed ESC. The ESC has the following quick specifications:


Cont./Peak Current: 80A/400A

Input Voltage: 2-3S Lipo/5-9 Cell NiMH

BEC Output: Switch Mode: 6V/7.4V/8.4V @4A,6A Peak.

Size: 37.2x31.9x18.4mm

Weight: 70.2g (w/Wires)

KV Rating/T Count: 540 and 550 Size Brushed Motors

Input Wires: Red-14AWG-200mm1 / Black-14AWG-200mm1

Output Wires: Blue-14AWG-200mm1 / Yellow-14AWG-200mm1

Input Connectors: XT60

Output Connectors: 4.0mm Bullet Connectors (Female)

Reference 30120202

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