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Featuring the premium quality you expect from XRAY and ultra performance only years of racing designs can provide the GTXE delivers again! With the highest attention to detail, and using only the finest quality materials XRAY has made the highly competitive GTXE even better.

The GTXE 2023 features updated CNC machined aluminum bulkheads with a multitude of changes. Using eccentric bearing inserts gives the user the choice of differential mounting height to better suite track conditions. Additional thought was put into cooling. With purpose made cooling channels these updated bulkheads offer increased drivetrain cooling performance, making the driving experience more consistent. With tuning in mind XRAY has also made differential servicing and removal easier with a split design on their bulkheads. 

Complementing the updated bulkheads is the revised chassis. Constructed from high quality Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum this revised chassis offers an updated layout to accommodate the redesigned bulkheads. Additionally large cooling holes have been milled out of the chassis providing improved drivetrain cooling for the most demanding driving.   

Aiding in handling are the redesigned carbon fiber shock towers. Using six different shock mounting locations per shock there is no shortage of adjustments to be made. In addition there are also two rear wing mounting heights to choose from. This allows the wing to be matched with the body height creating the most efficient setup possible.    

NOTE: Finished kit shown in photos is for illustrative purposes only. This is a kit that requires assembly. See needed to complete list below for a list of items required to complete the model.  

GTXE 2023 Features:

Updated aluminum bulkhead framework increases reliability, strength, and allows for much greater airflow to cool the drivetrain as well as more convenient maintenance from the super easy diff access

Front & rear aluminum diff pinion adapters maintain proper gear mesh and allow for significantly improved cooling of the pinion gear bearings

Aluminum eccentric bushings for the rear differential allow for additional diff height tuning adjustments

Redesigned chassis plate to match the aluminum bulkheads features extra cutouts to promote airflow and increased cooling of the drivetrain

Updated front & rear shock towers feature a second row of shock absorber positions for super fine adjustments

To accommodate the latest low profile racing bodies, the rear shock tower features an additional wing mounting position to place the wing mount as low as possible

Redesigned front upper carbon top deck reinforces the updated aluminum bulkheads and chassis

Updated diff crown gears and pinion gears use specially designed profile of the 46T and 13T gears for a perfectly matched engagement that ensures smoother operation, less drag and significantly longer lifespan

Updated lightweight foam bumper

Graphite upper plate for the upper bumper assembly integrates with the alum bulkheads to reinforce the foam bumper and protect the front suspension and chassis components

Ball bearing equipped front and rear anti-roll bar systems mounted via aluminum collars to provide easy and precise installation while eliminating excess play for consistent performance

Graphite rear roll center upper plate on the uprights expand adjustment possibilities with the whole range of offset wheel axles

Front suspension holder remains in place during bulkhead disassembly to keep suspension intact for easier drivetrain service

Steering system features lower servo saver posts and aluminum steering plate to integrate with the updated bulkhead geometry

Updated central dogbone lengths to fit the updated chassis and bulkhead dimensions and updated outdrives with M5 setscrews for improved reliability and easier servicing

Reference 350604

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