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The Xerun XR8 Pro G3 Brushless ESC is a high-performance electronic speed controller designed for 1/8 scale off-road and on-road racing, as well as 1/10 short course and monster truck applications. Here are some key features and technical specifications:
Key Features:
Compact Design:
15% smaller than the previous generation for minimal space usage.
Powerful Performance:
Supports 2-4S LiPo batteries.
Current (continuous/peak): 200A/1080A.
More than 30 parameter setting options for customization.
Optimized Cable Routing:
Designed with optimized cable routing for a clean and organized setup.
Enhanced BEC:
Extended Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC) with options for 6V/7.4V output.
BEC has a capacity of 6A (Switch-Mode), allowing for the use of various servos.
Improved Capacitance:
Significantly increased capacitance for improved performance.
Temperature Management:
Average 15°C cooler performance under full load compared to the XR8 Pro G2.
Internal protection against incorrect battery connection.
Thermal protection of capacitors to prevent explosions.
Dual Brake Mode:
Features a dual brake mode, allowing you to switch between regular brake mode and disc brake mode.
Programming Options:
Easy to program using the LCD Program Box G2, OTA Programmer, or an independent programming port.
Can be programmed without cables.
Data can be evaluated offline or viewed live using the Hobbywing application when linked to the ESC.
Preinstalled Setups:
Comes with three preinstalled setups for 1/8 racing, including zero timing/blinky mode, 1/8 off-road racing, and 1/8 on-road racing.
Reference 30113400

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