COMBO-XR8 Pro G2S-2000 G3-OnRoad

Reference HW10
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Thanks to the Xerun XR8 Pro Combo for 1:8 onroad / offroad and truggy racing, an incomparably realistic and 100% sensor-controlled driving experience is offered. The interaction between the included ESC and motor is perfectly coordinated and really brings out the full potential of the ESC and motor. And only with this interaction You are able to experience a maximum of performance that would not be possible in any other combinations. So enjoy the advantage of buying a motor and ES as a combo without having to worry about possible alternatives.


Up to 30 parameter setting options

Full-sensored mode support (when operated with the included Hobbywing motor)

Super BEC with max.15A and 6-8.4V for the use of various servos

Easy to program and without any cables with the WiFi module or OTA programmer as well as a smartphone

Evaluate the data offline and in real time with the associated app

Low heat development & low detent torque

High quality materials and excellent workmanship

Technical Specifications (ESC):

Typ: Brushless Sensored

Current cont./peak 200A/1080A

Input Voltage: 2S-4S LiPo, 6-12 cells NiMH

BEC: 6V-8.4V, 6A

Waterproof: No

Programmable: - LCD Program Box

- Wifi Module

- OTA Programmer

- independent programming port

Size: 56.1x42.1x38.6mm

30x30x10mm (Fan)

Weight: 114g

Application: 1/8 Off-Road, On-Road Contest

Technical Specifications (motor):

Scale: 1/8

Type: Brushless Sensored

kV Rating: 2800kV

No-Load Current: 6,1A

Cells LiPo: 2-6S

Poles: 4

Length: 67.8mm

Diameter: 42mm

Shaft Diameter: 5mm

Weight: 300g

Timing: 20-40 degree (adjustable)

Application: 1/8 On-Road

Delivery includes:

1x Motor

1x Sesnor Cable

1x ESC

1x Manual

Reference HW10

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