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The HB Racing E8T Evo3 is a new 1/8 electric truggy model with several key updates from its predecessor, the E817T. It features a new suspension geometry based on a lightweight aluminum chassis, as well as new front and rear aluminum shock towers, truggy suspension arms, C-hubs, front hubs, and rear hubs. The universal drive shafts are now standard, along with an HB molded nylon wing, longer travel shocks, and a heavy-duty servo saver.

Here are the key features of the E8T Evo3:

All-new suspension geometry: The truggy boasts a revised suspension geometry for improved performance.

Hard anodized aluminum front & rear shock towers: The shock towers are now made of hard-anodized aluminum, providing durability and strength.

Truggy suspension arms: The model features new truggy-specific suspension arms to enhance performance.

Universal drive shafts: Universal drive shafts are now standard, contributing to smoother power delivery.

12.5-degree caster blocks: The truggy comes with 12.5-degree caster blocks for optimized handling.

Aluminum front and rear hubs: The hubs are made of aluminum for durability and reduced weight.

Lightweight aluminum chassis: The chassis is constructed from lightweight aluminum to improve overall performance.

4-dot B-mount: The B-mount has a 4-dot configuration for adjustable settings.

D819 style sway bars with 1-piece links: The sway bars are designed in the style of the D819 model for improved stability.

Long stroke big bore threaded coil-over shocks: The truggy features long-stroke, big-bore shocks for enhanced suspension travel.

Heavy-duty chassis rods: Heavy-duty chassis rods contribute to overall durability.

Heavy-duty spur gear: A heavy-duty spur gear is included for reliable power transmission.

43/10 front & rear differentials: The truggy features 43/10 front and rear differentials for balanced power distribution.

Screw-type shock pins: The truggy comes with screw-type shock pins with standard and reverse threads, color-coded for easy identification.

Heavy-duty servo saver spring: A heavy-duty servo saver spring is included for reliable steering control.

Dual clamp aluminum motor mount: The motor mount is designed with dual clamps for secure motor placement.

Low CG fully adjustable battery mounting system: The truggy features a low center of gravity (CG) battery mounting system that is fully adjustable.

Accepts 4s packs, 2x2s, and 2x2s 'shorty' packs: The truggy is compatible with various battery configurations.

Aluminum center chassis brace: The chassis includes an aluminum center brace for added rigidity.

Graphite rear hub carrier plates: Rear hub carrier plates are made of graphite for a balance of strength and weight.

Molded nylon rear wing: The model comes with a molded nylon rear wing for aerodynamic performance.

Front linkage geometry spacers: The truggy includes front linkage geometry spacers for fine-tuning.

Fine adjustment aluminum D-Mount: An aluminum D-mount allows for fine adjustments.

Aluminum servo saver arm: The servo saver arm is made of aluminum for durability.

One-piece lightweight wing mount: The truggy features a one-piece lightweight wing mount for stability.

Graphite steering arms: Steering arms are constructed from graphite for a balance of strength and weight.

Adjustable steel turnbuckles: The truggy includes adjustable steel turnbuckles for fine-tuning.

Threaded outer hinge pins: Threaded outer hinge pins contribute to easy maintenance.

Stand-up servo mounting: Servo mounting is designed for a stand-up configuration.

Split center bulkhead: The truggy features a split center bulkhead for easy access.

Lightweight diff outdrives and center inputs: The model includes lightweight differential outdrives and center inputs for improved efficiency.

Lightweight front aluminum axles: The front axles are made of lightweight aluminum for reduced weight.

Reference HB204576

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