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New for 2023 is the ARC A10-23 featuring several key improvements over the A10 released last year.

All new X-Low Shocks

The A10-23 sees the transition from the previous Ultra Short Shocks to the new X-Low Shocks. The new X-Low shock length is 7mm shorter than the previous Ultra Short Shocks. They also allow fitment of both ARC Ultra Short 20mm shock springs and the new X-Low 17mm springs. So there is now a wider range of springs to choose from to cater for every condition.

The New X-Low shock towers are also much lower than A10. The front shocks on the A10-23 are 6.2mm lower and the rear shocks are 6.5mm lower compare to the A10. The new X-low Shocks significantly lower the center of gravity and further improve corner speed.

The new X-Low shock spring range offers 8 different spring rates – five linear springs from C2.5 to C2.9, along with three progressive springs C2.4-C2.7, C2.5-C2.8 and C2.6-C2.9. All springs are color-coded for easy identification.

New Rear Lower Arms

The A10-23 rear suspension arms are 3mm shorter. In testing over a wider range of conditions, the shorter rear arms provided better steering response, improved corner speed and reduced front tire wear. With revised mounting locations, the rear track width remains the same.

New Rear Horizontal Body Posts

The A10-23 rear body posts are now horizontal as standard. In testing, this delivers more consistent rear downforce with a wider range of bodies – thereby offering improved feeling as well as consistent corner speed on the same bodyshell through the whole corner. The vertical body mounting is also available by using the front body posts on the newly designed carbon fiber mounting plate.

New 5.8mm Outer Pivot Balls

The A10-23 outer pivot balls below the steering blocks feature a lower height of 1.5mm compared to the A10 design. This gives a larger tuning window achieved by adding shims between the pivot ball and the steering block. This allows changes to the steering behavior, with the less shims below steering block giving greater steering response.

New V3 Upper A-arms

The new V3 upper A-arms now become standard on the A10-23. They are stronger compared to previous versions reducing the likelihood of the upper linkage from popping out after impact.

New V2 Caster Gauge

The new V2 Caster Gauge R139004 is included with the A10-23. This allows for easy caster measure with the steering plate on the A10-23 now installed above the steering block platform.

Kevlar Transmission Pulleys

Like all A10 series cars, the previously optional Kevlar transmission pulleys and diff case are standard on the A10-23. They help to reduce friction resulting in greater transmission efficiency.

Low Profile Anti-Roll Bars

The anti-roll bars are located below the drive axle to further lower the CG of the car. Adjustment of anti-roll bar tweak remains unaffected and can be performed by screwing/unscrewing the anti-roll bar ball stud.

Reference R100035

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